The ‘Integrated Safety and Security for Higher Education’ project aims to support higher education institutions with an integrated approach to security issues by combining expertise, acting in concert, and providing resources for monitoring risks and making them manageable in a sustainable way.

The ‘Governance’ sub-project defines a ‘Higher Education Integrated Security Management System’ as a tool to help structure integrated safety and security. This document is the MISH manual. Institutions can use it to help design their security systems, and it also includes references to useful approaches to various security issues. To this end, a questionnaire is attached that can be used as a self-assessment.

This manual is the first of its kind for higher education, and aims to provide footholds for achieving synergy in safety and security policy through an integrated approach. What stands out straight away is the sheer scope of an institution’s safety and security interests. This manual can be seen as a framework that provides references to practical approaches for various sub-areas where synergy can be achieved through an integrated approach. It should also be regarded as an initial document that will gradually take shape as time goes on.


Manual: Integrated Safety and Security Management System Higher Education